In order to get started with Rank Logic, please review the help articles and videos below.

Getting Started

How Long Does it Take To Download All My Data from Google Search Console?

In order to get your initial data download from Google Search Console, please go to Settings > Google Search Console Settings > Then click “Data Download”.

This can take a couple of hours to download all of your data. This will initially get your first 30 days of data, so please be patient.

After that, your site will continue on a daily basis to update and expand your data on a daily basis.

How to Access License Key or Download Files

If you didn’t download the plugin immediately on the Thank You page after purchase, you should have also received an email with your license key and download link.

However, if you didn’t receive this email, there is still a way for you to recover your download and license key. Click the “login” link on RankLogic.com or go here: https://ranklogic.com/login/

Use your purchase email address as your username to log in. You may need to click the “Forgot Password?” link to set a password for your account. The email address you used at checkout will be the one emailed with the password reset option.

Once logged in, you will find a download link, your license key, and the ability to manage or upgrade your account.

If you are still unable to login to RankLogic.com or don’t receive a password reset email, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to reset your password or look into any other issues that you are experiencing.

How To Create and View Projects

In order to create and add keywords or pages to projects, simply select the items you want, click the icon that shows the total items selected, and then add to an existing project or create a new one.
Here’s a short video that shows you how to create and view your projects.

What if I Want to Upgrade My Account Later?

No problem!  If you buy a 1 or 3 site license and want to upgrade to either the 3 or 10 site license in the future, it’s really easy.  Simply login to your account by clicking “Login” on RankLogic.com.

Once in your account, click “License Keys” then click “View Upgrades” for the license that you would like to upgrade.

This will show you the price to upgrade your account.  The upgrade price is prorated based on your current license, and the amount of time remaining in your current subscription. When upgrading you only pay the difference to upgrade, divided by the remaining days in your current subscription.

So for example, if you bought a 1 site license for $77, and wanted to upgrade to a 3 site license ($117) after 6 months. Your base upgrade price would be $40, ($117 – $77 = $40), but since the current subscription is already half used, your cost would be adjusted to approximately $20. (It wouldn’t be fair to charge the full upgrade price for half a subscription)

One thing to bear in mind is that when the subscription renews, it will be at the standard price for the upgraded subscription. So in our example case, the renewal price will be $117 since that’s the price of a 3 site license.

Enjoy Rank Logic! 🙂

Updating Your Version of Rank Logic

To update your installed Rank Logic plugin to the latest version, there should be an auto-update in the WordPress dashboard. So, you would just click “update” when an update appears for the plugin in WordPress.

You can see the updates by going to “Dashboard” > “Updates”.  Or you can go to “Plugins” and scroll to find “Rank Logic”, you will see an update link if an update is available.

If the link or auto-update isn’t showing you can download the newest version from your Rank Logic account: https://RankLogic.com/my-account/

And enter the login information for your account. If you don’t know your login, it’s the email you used when you purchased.  Then just click “forgot password” to receive your login password.

Just remember to delete the old plugin, and then reinstall the newest version. (All of your settings and links will be saved when you delete and re-install the new version).

How to Add / Remove Sites From Your Rank Logic Account

You can activate or deactivate sites by going to your Rank Logic Dashboard (https://ranklogic.com/my-account/) and going to the “License Keys” tab. From there, please find the subscription that you want to add or remove sites from and click the “Manage Sites” link in the “License Details” column. From the Manage Sites interface, you can both add and remove sites from the current subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You have two options to cancel your Subscription.

1. Send us a support ticket and request the Subscription cancellation.

Be sure to include the email that you used to register your Rank Logic account

2. Go to your Rank Logic Dashboard (https://RankLogic.com/my-account/) and click on the “Subscriptions” tab. From there, find the subscription you want to cancel and click on the “Cancel” button in the “Actions” column.