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SEO Tracking That Improves Results

Goodbye Google Analytics 4, Hello Rank Logic!

Rank Logic can connect to your Google Analytics 4 account and display all your data is a MUCH easier to read and analyze format.

Simply connect and start viewing pageviews, sessions, organic traffic or more by page quickly and easily.

Track Keyword Position and Ranking Changes

Rank Logic tracks your keywords…automatically! Just sync with Google Search Console to get dynamic and easy to use data.

See keyword position, ranking changes, page performance, and so much more.

Quickly See How Pages are Performing in Search

Easily see all the keywords a single page is ranking for.

Get Position, Clicks, Impressions, and CTR at the keyword and page level.

"Rank Logic has streamlined the way I track my posts and keywords. It conveniently displays all the data I need right within my WordPress dashboard. I especially love how it automatically keeps track of post updates, which helps me monitor rank changes and quickly pinpoint which posts need more attention."
See how a single author or groups of authors are performing in Google

Better Understand Author and Content Performance

Quickly see how the content from a single author or group of authors are performing.

Or analyze content before, during, or after a certain date range.

Group a segment of articles together and track the overall performance and rankings.

See How Changes to Your Content Impacts Your Rankings with "Events"

Rank Logic AUTOMATICALLY tracks all the events that take place when you update your content.

Change a title? Add a paragraph? Add internal links? All on-page “events” like these are tracked and noted on your rankings graph!  

Now you can truly KNOW if these changes improved your rankings or not.

"I was blown away at how Rank Logic instantly showed me trends on my website that were costing me money. Not only does this plugin pay for itself, but it also saves me literal hours each week that I used to waste examining analytics data. And the larger your site, the more time it can save you!"

what makes us different

Why Rank Logic?

Track Keywords

Automatically get keyword ranking data directly in your WordPress dashboard!

Track New Strategies

Group content "baskets" by date so you can quickly see if you new content strategies are truly working.

Author Performance

Quickly see which author is performing better in Google compared to other authors.

Event Tracking

Automatically document and track changes made to content so you know what content strategies truly work.

Page Level Tracking

See all the keywords a single page is ranking for and monitor the movement in the SERPs.

Winning Content Updates

Wondering if your content updates actually work? Rank Logic shows you exactly when you made changes and the impact.

"I have found Rank Logic incredibly useful so far. I am using it to monitor the performance of specific blog articles. My favourite aspects of the plugin are the ability to search for specific keywords, and to closely monitor changes in keyword positions over time. I would recommend it to all bloggers and website owners."

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“Rank Logic has helped optimize our website for better search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic to our website and YouTube channel. As a rowing instructor, coach, and YouTube influencer my digital skills were limited, so I highly recommend Rank Logic to anyone looking to improve their online visibility”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Rank Logic is a WordPress plugin and so you are required to have WordPress.

During intial setup, you will need to connect Rank Logic with Google Search Console.  Once connected, Rank Logic will be able to display what keywords you are ranking for in Google, CTRs, and much more.  Since the data is directly  from Google, you can rest assured that you are getting accurate ranking analytics!

Your data is absolutely private!  

When you give “Rank Logic” permission to access your Google Search Console data, you are really just giving your own website access to gather and display your data in your WordPress area.

Rank Logic is a plugin hosted on your website, so the data is hosted on your own server that the company Rank Logic does not have access to.

We do not have the ability to spy on your keywords or access your data in any way.  All of the data from Google Search Console is stored on your own website hosting and is only accessible by you.

Rank Logic is ideal for bloggers, niche site creators, and anyone with a content-heavy website.  The more written content you have on your site, the more powerful Rank Logic becomes.

If you decide that Rank Logic is not for you, we will refund your purchase up to 30 days after your purchase.  Simply contact our support team, and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked.

"Having rank data within WordPress eliminates the need to switch between tools. It's so easy to switch between page level and keyword data, with events tracked so you can identify if a specific event triggered a change in rankings and traffic. Rank Logic is the perfect tool to support my annual content audit and to easily keep on top of rank changes in future."

Quickly See How Pages are Performing in Search

Easily see all the keywords a single page is ranking for.

Get Position, Clicks, Impressions, and CTR at the keyword and page level.